HYD Film Club Bengali Film Festival



in collaboration with
Federation of Film Societies of India
At Sri Sarathi Studios Preview Theatre, Ameerpet
24-07-2019 6.30 p.m. GUHAMANAB
Wednesday (2019/123 min.)
Dir. Paramita Munsi
25-07-2019 6.30 p.m. ONYO OPALAA
Thursday (2015/128 min.)
Dir. Satarupa Sanyal
26-07-2019 6.00 p.m. 1. ANDARKAHINI
Friday (2017/87 min.)
Dir. Arnab K Middya
(2017/72 min.)
Dir. Rajaditya Banerjee
27-07-2019 6.30 p.m. PUPA
Saturday (2017/110 min.)
Dir. Indrasis Acharya
(The Caveman)
(2017/Drama, Family/124 mins.)
Director : Paramita Munsi
Stars : Chiranjeet Chakraborty,  Pallabi Chatterjee ,  Kanchan Moitra
Pinky, the daughter-in-law of Batakrishna Roy, an ex-colonel is troubled by the constant
dreams of a mysterious caveman, who appears familiar to her. One day, when Pinky
recognizes the caveman as Batu and although she feels heavy with guilt, she confesses
her feelings to him. Batu, as unique as he is, soon takes it upon himself to help Pinky in
his own inimitable manner.
(2015/Drama/114 mins.)
Director : Satarupa Sanyal
Writer : Satarupa Sanyal
Stars :   Rupa Ganguly
This is the story of the journey of Opalaa, a middle aged widow. Opalaa is married in an
aristocratic family, at a very tender age. But on the very night of their marriage, Shyam
Sundar, her husband, rejects her. Opalaa tries hard to win his love but perpetually fails.
She notices that the most important person in the family is Ananta Babaji, the Guru to
the family. Her husband, Shyam Sundar serves this person with devotion, and Opalaa,
as a result, hated this man. One day Opalaa discovers, to her dismay that the two men
had a physical relation and she tries to commit suicide, but Shyam Sundar takes care of
her with a lot of affection.
A number of years pass and Opalaa's only son, Atanu, lives in America while Shyam
Sundar has passed away. Opalaa decides to commemorate 25 years of Shyam Sundar's
demise with some fanfare. On the very day of the occasion, Ananta Babaji makes a visit
after a long period of twenty five years. During the night he falls ill and requests Opalaa
to let him see Atanu but Opalaa refuses to oblige. Ananta babaji dies that night. Atanu
does not even suspect that his real father had died just then, because he never knew
who his real father was.
On the same day something new about Atanu comes to Opalaa's knowledge. It changes
her mind. She embarks on her new journey alone.
(2017/ Drama/86 mins.)
Director :   Arnab k Middya  
Writers :  Arnab k Middya  a
Stars : Priyanka Sarkar, Rajesh Sharma,  Saayoni Ghosh  
Andarkahini is a saga of womanhood in the correlative context of human relationships
and complex society. Four women. Four variations of relationships. One society with four
facades. Andarkahini is stitched with four stories of different diversities with the core
crisis of womanhood. In the film, four women protagonists from four different stories are
played by one woman only. Keeping one leading lady common for all the four characters,
symbolises the very aspect of womanhood as a metaphor. With stories and different
characters, the film travels through various contours of our society to open up the dark
hidden aspects of various relationships and its' complexities. The core character always
remains a woman, only the colour of relationship changes. At times she is a daughter, a
sister, a friend and a wife. With each different character, the story jumps into
introspection of layers of the very relationship and comes out of it with core value of
realisation. While carrying twist in …
(2017/ Drama/75 mins.)
Director : Rajaditya Banerjee
Writers :   Debasis Bandopadhyay , Rajaditya Banerjee
Stars : Rajaditya Banerjee,  Deepamala Sengupta
Death Certificate revolves around the life of a tribal woman Sabitri and her search for
her husband Ramlokhon who happily provided water to thirsty rail passengers in a
remote corner in Eastern India. Ramlokhon doesn’t return home one evening.
Ramlokhon’s friend Shibu comes to look for him in his village and informs Sabitri and the
grand old man (dadu) in the village that Ramlokhon is missing.They embark on a
journey to look for Ramlokhon through the mountains and forests filled with memories of
the missing man. They arrive at the station only to hear that someone has been run over
by Kiul passenger train. Station Master informs Sabitri that he hopes it isn’t Ramlokhon
but in the worst case scenario in case the dead body is his she must obtain a death
(2018/ Drama/109 mins.)
Director : Indrasis Acharya
Writers :   Indrasis Acharya
Stars : Rahul Banerjee,  Sudiptaa Chakraborty ,  Kamaleswar Mukherjee
The movie is touted to be the first on the subject of euthanasia following the
Supreme Court’s recent recognition of a 'living will' made by terminally-ill patients
for passive euthanasia. ‘Pupa’ revolves around an expatriate Bengali Subhro living
the US whose father has slipped into a coma and how he is facing a predicament
whether or not to stay back in India.
As per the narrative, Subhro returns India when his mother dies. When he is again
ready to head back to the US, his father suffers a cerebral attack. Subhro’s uncle
advices him to leave behind the emotion and go back to the US. His fiancée who is
starting her integrated PhD in the US is left with no other choice but to leave him
and go ahead. In this turmoil, a shocking incident leads to the climax of the story.
Now rumour has it ‘Pupa’ will be dubbed in Telugu as well. Director Indrashis has
already started planning on it as he wants to reach more audience breaking the
language barrier which often creates a problem for regional cinema.
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