hyd film club Iranian film festival




in collaboration with

Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Iran, Hyderabad

At Sri Sarathi Studios Preview Theatre, Ameerpet


 13-06-2019                          6.00 p.m.             Inaugural Function followed by

                                Thursday                               Screening of film 


                                                                                (2016/Action, Drama, Thiller/105 mins.)

                                                                                                                Dir. Ebrahim Hatamikia

14-06-2019                          6.00 p.m.             1.  AS SIMPLE AS THAT

              Friday                                                           (2008/Drama/93 mins.)

                                                                                                                     Dir. Reza Mirkarimi


                                                  AND OTHERS

                                                                     (2014/Comedy, Drama/92 mins.)

                                                                                                                      Dir. Nacer Khmit

15-06-2019                          6.00 p.m.             1.  THE PAINTING POOL

              Saturday                                                     (2013/Comedy, Drama/96 mins.)

                                                                                                                      Dir. Maziar Miri

  1.        TODAY

                                                                     (2014/Drama/85 mins.)

                                                                                                                      Dirs. Mohsen Gharaie, Afshin Hashemi

16-06-2019                          6.00 p.m.             1.  SCANDAL

              Sunday                                                      (2013/Drama, Comedy/103 mins.)

                                                                                                                      Dir. Habib Nestiri

  1.           BORN IN 1987

                                                                    (2016/Drama, Romance, Thriller/80 m.)

                                                                                                                      Dir. Majid Tavakoli


 (2008/Drama/93 mins.)

Director             :  Reza Mirkarimi

Writers              :  Reza MirkarimiShadmehr Rastin

Stars                :  Hengameh GhazianiMehran KashaniSafa Aghajani

As Simple as That is a 2008 Iranian drama film directed by Reza Mirkarimi. It won the Golden George at the 30th Moscow International Film Festival.  As Simple as That marks a milestone in current Iranian cinema as a rare realist depiction of a woman from the middle class.

‘As Simple as That’ is the touching portrait of an under-appreciated and unfulfilled woman’s loneliness. Tahereh goes about her day, quietly attending to the demands of family and neighbors while her own low spirits go unnoticed. As her sense of isolation becomes more profound, even the brief glimpses of happiness she catches through her children seem to mark her search for meaning in her own life. The film captures Tahereh’s emotional state with an understated finesse. Celebrated at multiple film festivals across the world, this is a film of great poignancy and beauty.


 (2014/Comedy, Drama/114 mins.)

Director             :  Behruz Afkhami

Writers              :  Behruz AfkhamiMarjan Shirmohammadi

Stars                :  Amirali DanaeiAzadeh EsmaeilkhaniMehdi Fakhimzadeh

“Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz and Others” is a social drama about the double lives people lead, with the illusion Shahdokht and Parviz have to portray at odds with their life behind the scenes.

Shahdokht who is the wife of the famous actor Parviz, accidentally enters the world of cinema by being cast as an actress in Parviz’s last film and becomes a serious rival for him. He becomes jealous of her and their relationship becomes sour. Until their daughter who lives in Europe is suddenly return home without a notice.


 (2016/Thriller, Drama/110 mins.)

Director             :   Ebrahim Hatamikia

Writers              :   Ebrahim Hatamikia

Stars                :  Parviz ParastuiMerila Zare’iBabak Hamidian

A political, action, thriller film, ‘Bodyguard’ delivers an intriguing and exhilarating narrative. It tells the story of an old war hero assigned with the task of protecting one the country’s most important assets: a young genius working at Iran’s atomic agency for producing peaceful nuclear energy.

Whilst on duty, he encounters a threat from a suicide bomber. The threat is ultimately dealt with, but forces him to examine both the personal and professional ramifications of the event.

BORN IN 1987

 (2016/Roance,Thriller, Drama/80 mins.)

Director             :  Majid Tavakoli

Writers              :  Majid TavakoliJamileh Daralshafaie

Stars                :  Hengameh HamidzadehPedram SharifiEhsan Amani

This romantic drama tells the story of dreams and ambitions for a generation of young Iranians who often find those things difficult to come by. In this unique tale of a familiar theme, a young couple assume the role of a much wealthier couple in order to spend their days with Tehran’s nouveu riche. The adventure begins with playful games that take the audience on a comic ride but it ends in horror when the young couple find themselves locked up in an apartment, facing a case of mistaken identities. At whole twisted, unpredictable, funny and thrilling, Tavakkoli’s film is a masterful, beautifully acted, cleverly composed exercise in building suspense.


 (2013/ Comedy, Drama/102 mins.)

Director             :  Masoud Dehnamaki

Writers              :  Masoud Dehnamaki

Stars                :  Akbar AbdiElnaz ShakerdustEsmaeel Khalaj

“Scandal” tells the story of Haji Yusef, a cleric living among the ordinary people in a poor district of Tehran. He meets Afsaneh, an infamous woman, who is on the verge of complete moral corruption. Haji Yusef decides to help Afsaneh, but he faces some problems.


 (2013/Drama/96 mins.)

Director             :  Maziar Miri

Writers              :  Hamed Mohammadi

Stars                :  Shahab HosseiniNegar JavaherianElham Korda

Maryam (Negar Javaherian) and Reza (Shahab Hosseini) try to do their best in life, but are met with several obstacles due to being mentally challenged. Their son Soheil was born without any defects and initially does not realize how his parents differ from other adults until he begins to grow older. This leads to complications when his teachers request that his mother come to school for a parent-teacher conference, as Soheil is afraid that his parents will humiliate him. As a result Soheil spends more and more time with Amirali, his teacher’s son, and eventually moves in with them after his father loses his job.


(2014/Drama/85 mins.)

Director             :  Reza Mirkarimi

Writers              :  Reza Mirkarimi,

Stars                :  AsiyehSoheila GolestaniRoozbeh Hesari

A taxi driver takes a young woman at a small Iranian hospital. As long as he gets there he realizes that he must take crucial decisions that may change his life.

Today is a 2014 Iranian drama film. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.