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At Sri Sarathi Studios Preview Theatre, Ameerpet
05-08-2019, 6.00 pm | HAPPY FLIGHT | 2008 | 103 mins
Staff and Cast
Director & Screenplay: Shinobu Yaguchi
Cast : Seiichi Tanabe Saburo Tokito Haruka Ayase Kazue Fukiishi
Tomoko Tabata Shinobu Terajima Ittoku Kishibe
Presented by Fuji Television Network, Altamira Pictures, Toho, Dentsu
Production Company : Altamira Pictures
Distributed by Toho www.happyflight.jp
Introduction and Story
Shinobu Yaguchi brought feelings of laughter, tears, and exhilaration to audiences in
Japan with his films about boys' synchronized swimming and girls' high school big band
jazz. The theme of his latest film is "airplanes" of all things! Usually, films featuring
airplanes tend to be panic films or focus on just the pilots and flight attendants. But
Yaguchi's intent was to create a more realistic, completely new film that oversees all
corners of the aviation industry. He interviewed the various sections to create his story, to
understand just how many people are involved in making a single airplane take off and
The setting of the film is an airport and airplanes. A great variety of "aviation
professionals" such as pilots, flight attendants, the ground crew, mechanics, dispatchers,
controllers, and the bird patrol crew all support a single flight. They have only one mission:
to secure the safety of the passengers!
Today was supposed to be any other day on the job, departing on schedule and heading
safely to Honolulu, but…
The experience of seeing this film is fun and exciting, just like actually riding on a jumbo
jet. A wonderfully entertaining film about the aviation industry chock-full of Shinobu
Yaguchi's love and fascination towards airplanes has been born!
About the Director
Director & Screenplay: Shinobu Yaguchi
Born in 1967 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Yaguchi began shooting films on 8mm as a
student in Tokyo Zokei University. His work The Rain Women (8mm) won the Grand Prize
in PFF Award Competition 1990. He made his feature film debut with the 7th PFF
Scholarship film Down the Drain ('93). Since then, he has constantly released many works
that feature his unique sense of humor. Water Boys ('01) is a shining example of Yaguchi's
style, and he is one of the most noteworthy filmmakers in the industry today.
My Secret Place ('97), Adrenaline Drive ('99), Waterboys ('01), Parco Fiction ('02),
Swing Girls ('04)
©2008 Fuji Television Network, Altamira Pictures, Toho, Dentsu
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06-08-2019, 10.00 am| CHILDREN WHO CHASE LOST VOICES
| 2011 | 116 mins.
Staff and Cast:
Director : SHINKAI Makoto
Script : SHINKAI Makoto
Based on the novel by : SHINKAI Makoto
Cinematography : NISHIMURA Takayo
Art Direction : TANJI Takumi
Music : TENMON
Producers : KAWAGUCHI Noritaka
KANEMOTO Hisako: Asuna
IRINO Miyu: Syun/Shin
INOUE Kazuhiko: Morisaki
One day, a girl named Asuna hears a mysterious song on her crystal radio, a memento
of her father. She is never able to forget it, as it sounded almost like someone’s very heart
itself made into song.
On the way to her favorite mountain hideout she is attacked by a strange beast and is
saved by a young man named Shun. Coming from a faraway land called “Agartha”, he
tells her he came to the surface because he wanted to meet someone, and had something
he wanted to see.
The two begin to open their hearts to each other, but Shun suddenly disappears and
Asuna is not able to find him. It is then she hears the terrible news… Asuna refuses to
accept it, and in school she learns of the mythological underworld from her new
homeroom teacher, Mr. Morisaki. One of its many names is Agartha, a place where
secrets of the world are hidden and any wish you have may be granted.
Just then, a boy who looks just like Shun appears before Asuna being chased by a
number of suspicious men. The men are after his Clavis, the key to Agartha. Driven into a
corner, the gate to Agartha finally opens up before Asuna and the boy. There, Asuna
learns that the leader of the men is actually Mr. Morisaki who has been searching for
Agartha in hopes of reuniting with his late wife, and the boy, Shin, is Shun’s younger
With the entrance to Agartha before her eyes, Asuna makes up her mind:
“I want to see him, once again.”
Asuna, Mr. Morisaki, and Shin, each with their own feelings in their hearts, set out on a
journey into a land of legends…
06-08-2019, 06.00 pm| AFTER THE FLOWERS | 2009 | 107 mins.
Staff and Cast:
Director : Kenji NAKANISHI
Script : Yasuo HASEGAWA, Kenzaburo IIDA
Original Story : Shuhei FUJISAWA
Music : Satoshi TAKEBE
Masahiro KOUMOTO
Shuntaro MIYAO
Spring in the Unasaka region. The area within the second enclosure of the castle is full of
young girls delighting in the cherry blossoms. As she is enthralled by the cherry blossoms,
Ito is suddenly greeted by a young samurai, EguchiMagoshiro. Trained in swordsmanship
by her father, Ito is said to have successively defeated the best students at the dojo
Sonshiro attends and he has come to challenge her to a duel someday. At some point, Ito
had grown fond of Sonshiro as a polite as well as skilled swordsman, but Ito’s father has
chosen a fiance for her, Saisuke. Meanwhile, engagement talks move forward for
Sonshiro also; the individual is Kayo, Ito’s uninhibited senior who is known have had
experience with men. Yet, the engagement will elevate the status of Sonshiro’s family and
if this makes him happy, then that is Ito’s hope; however, she catches Kayo together with a
samurai with whom she is rumored of having an affair, FujiiKageyu. Furthermore, a year
later, Ito’s hope is mercilessly betrayed…
Copyright ©2009/Hana no Ato Associates/colour
07-08-2019, 06.00 pm| Rail Truck | 2009 |116 min
Staff and Cast
Director : KAWAGUCHI Hirofumi
Screenplay : KAWAGUCHI Hirofumi
Screenplay : HUANG Shih-Ming
Music : KAWAI Ikuko
Photography : Mark LEE Ping-Bin
Producer s: KATAHARA Tomoko, LIAO Ching-Sung
ONO Machiko: YANO Yumiko
HARADA Kento: YANO Atsushi
OMAE Kyoichi: YANO Toki
Yumiko Yano, with sons Atsushi and Toki, travels from her home in Tokyo with the
ashes of her late husband to his parents’ home, a mountain village in the south of Taiwan.
Having been raised in the big city, the boys are wide-eyed at the verdant rural
scenery…and waiting for them is a Taiwanese grandfather who speaks Japanese.
Yumiko, who married against her parents’ wishes, has struggled on in stubborn
determination since his death. Her son Atsushi, strongly conscious that in ethnocentric
Japan he is ‘different’, is in a state of rebellion against both the society in which he has
grown up and his mother. In the verdant rural home of his grandparents, who have lived
through vast changes in the political landscape and the values that prevail in society, the
family rediscovers the bonds that unite it.
Setting out on a journey aboard an old-fashioned hand-powered ‘rail truck’, Atsushi
discovers a world outside of his family and his school, and is forced to confront the
question of what it means to be both an ‘elder brother’ and a ‘son’