‘In the Mood for love’ book release

‘In the Mood for love’
An anthology of twelve love stories from contemporary writers in telugu
So far, the contribution of love stories in Telugu literature is very minimal. Usually for beginners, love stories become the entry points into literaature. But people are turning more towards film industry as Telugu literature does not produce enough of stories with love as a central theme. Top gain more readers in telugu literature, twelve young writers have forward each with a love story to produce anthology of contemporary love stories. Aparna Thota and Venkat Siddareddy are editors of this anthology.
Nagendra kasi, Mahy Bezwada, Karuna Kumar, Aripirala Satyaprasad, Midhuna, SwathiKumari, UshhaJyothi, Purnima Tammireddy, Aparna Thota, Rishi Srinivas, VenkatSiddareddy, ManasaYedluri contributed to this anthology.
This book is launched at Revolt 2.0, a pub in Madhapur at an evening, Director Indraganti Mohan krishna, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Satish Kasetty, Veera Shankar and eminent writers Vadrevu China veerabhadrudu, Khadeer Babu, Kuppili Padma, Kondaveeti Satyavati, Raja Ram Mohan Rai graced the occasion.
“It is happy to see this kind of change in Telugu literature where love stories. Contemporary stories and Novels should be encouraged more”, said Famous Writer Vadrevu Chinaveerabhadrudu.
“We would like to bring out more anthologies based on the reach to new readers”, said Aparna, another editor of this book.
Two hundred copies of this book are already sold and rest of them would be put up for sale at Stall No. 32 iin Hyderabad Book Festival. There is a possibility of going for a reprint once the rest 800 are sold. “This is kind of a social experiment.” said Venkat. S, Editor and also an author of this book.
“In the mood for love” along with “Cinema oka Alchemy”, “Irani Chai” is available in Stall no, 32 at Hyderabad Book festival which runs from 15th to 25th of this month. This book is also available on Kinige.com. One can also order this book through Amazon.