Social networking platform CelebKonect launched

CelebKonect, a social networking and engagement platform, has debuted in India.  That too in ‘mana’ Hyderabad.  A unique ‘Konecting’ platform, it seeks to bring together fans and followers with their idols, mentors, favourite celebs or influencers, be it in films, sports or any other field!

“CelebKonect provides a platform for celebs and their fans/followers, whereby the former can monetise their valuable time while fulfilling the dreams of their fans and connecting with them on a personal level,” says Raja Jata, the company’s Managing Director.
What are the forms in which the engagement can happen on CelebKonect?  “Possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  You can ‘Konect’ with your celebs for LIVE streams, audio calls, video calls, taking selfies on demand, and instant chat and messaging,” he adds.
The platform has all the goodies from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  With its unique features, the folks at CelebKonect must be looking forward to a great start.  “We are happy to see everyone excited and interested in our product.  They want to be with us not just as users but also as long-term investors.  Since CelebKonect is all about relationships, anyone who believes in relationships will find it very exciting.  Celebs have been very excited to join us.  It’s one way they can give back to the society and to the ones who love them,” the company says.
For example, some international cricketers from India, West Indies, Bangladesh, etc have already joined the platform.  So have many badminton players.
Experienced advisors and mentors from a range of backgrounds are building CelebKonect every day with great passion!

A global platform, CelebKonect has deep connections with Hyderabad.  “This is the reason we are doing our first launch in this beautiful city.  This will be followed by a series of launches in each of the capital cities in India and abroad,” the platform says.  In June and August respectively, it will be launched in Mumbai and Bengaluru.  In November, CelebKonect will be launched in New York.  Steven Spielberg will be the chief guest.