Mahesh sponsors NRI SEVA Foundation program

Super Star Mahesh Babu have been supporting an NGO which has been conducting free health camps in slum areas every day for the past 6 years by serving more than 150 patients each day.
Few months ago, NRI SEVA Foundation team approached Namratha Shirodkar and presented their work since April 2012 with their consistent humanitarian services by reaching unreached people and been giving free health services, primarily Physio therapy by treating more than 45,000 patients out of which more than 2500 are bed ridden patients who suffered with stroke (Paralysis patients), head injuries, Kids with  Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and many other pediatric conditions.
After witnessing NRI SEVA’s sincere efforts to serve humanity quietly, Namratha convinced Mahesh to support the organization through different humanitarian services for the country. Out of which, they have started with village development project in both Telugu states and also Mahesh sponsored for one of their unique program for underprivileged National Athletes “Sports Performance Assessment & Enhancement Centre” which consists of three components such as Athlete Rehabilitation; Sports Injury prevention & management; and Fitness training methods with inputs from Sports Sciences in Gachibowli Stadium premises, to support Indian National players to win International medals. In the first phase, Athletes Rehabilitation centre has been started  in the stadium. They are also planning to launch a mega ”Community Development Programme” through sports with support of NRI SEVA i.e development of community coaches in every village of Telangana State which can lead to skill development at gross root level, participants empowerment, creation of talent pool &  identification of right talents thereon and promoting happy & healthy lifestyle among children etc.,
Harish Kolasani the founder of NRI Seva has mentioned that, with support of Mahesh Babu NRI SEVA will implement sustainable projects in villages to empower women, children and seniors while involving the locals to participate in developing their villages and make them realize about their responsibility to support fellow beings.
Harish also mentioned that, since Mahesh and Namratha have been supporting the organization for their self satisfaction since few months, we’ve not released this news before “Bharat Ane Nenu” movie release which might look like a movie promotion. I was really amazed to witness how affectionately and quietly they help others that are in real need and we are so proud to get their direct support to the organization.